Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Daily Funny - 6th August 2010

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I do tech support for a mid-sized regional ISP. Recently, I received a call from a very surly fellow who opened our conversation by saying, "This s**t ain't workin'." When I asked him to describe the problem, he said, "I just told you, Jack, the s**t ain't workin'!" I told him my name wasn't Jack, then once again asked the specific nature of his problem. After a few more rounds of this, I was able to ascertain that he hadbeen dialing in and getting busy signals each time. Now, our company provides several different types of dial-up accounts, some with different phone numbers, even in the same cities, so to try and pin down which type of account this gentleman had, I asked him what number his modem was dialing. His charming response? "I don't know what the h**l you're talkin' about, Jack." After counting to ten, taking a deep breath, and biting my lip, I said, "OK, please click on the icon labeled 'Dial ISP' and tell me what phone number you see in the window that opens up." He managed to do this, and rattled off a number totally unfamiliar to me. Then he tells me "But that's MY phone number!" I said, "Maybe that's why you're getting a busy signal, Jack," and hung up. He never called back to ask what our dialup number was, so I suppose he must have gotten around to reading the step-by-step documentation that came with our software.

Thanks to: Paul Dulaney


From May 1998

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